Knack (character)

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Knack and a lab assistant.
Knack is the protagonist of the Playstation 4 game of the same name. He was created by The Professor as a weapon against the Goblin army, led by Gundahar, who are in all out war against the Human race.

Knack is a creature who is build around a core of ancient technology. With this technology Knack is able to construct his body into a multitude of shape and sizes, building himself from Relics. These relics can be made from a variety of materials such as Rock, Metal, Ice, etc. He is able to instantaneously change the make up of his body to suit the demands of the challenge. For example, he can discard any rock or metal from his body and remain only crystal in order to become "invisible" and bypass security mechanisms.


[edit] Appearance

Knack has an appearance similar to that of the Goblin race, most notably due to his larger, fanged teeth from his lower jaw. While not confirmed, it could be possible that Knack is a creature of Goblin technology. This is further emphasised in the Debut Trailer for the game that was released during the Sony Event 2013 in New York City on February 20, 2013 in which Gundahar asks why Knack is working for them (the Humans)

[edit] Combat

While in his more gargantuan forms, Knack has the ability to tackle enemies head on with his new found strength, having the option of three to four melee attacks that he can use against his enemies. However, Knack us unable to defend himself in combat and as such requires the use of his "dash" ability in order to dodge any incoming attacks.

[edit] Super Moves

Super Move Trigger
Shockwave Circle + Circle
Storm Circle + Square
Blast Circle + Triangle

[edit] Forms

[edit] Stealth Knack

Stealth Knack sheds all Relics bar those composed of Glass and reverts back to his original size. Whilst in this form, Knack can move through security beams that would otherwise harm Normal-sized Knack. This form can be triggered, when prompted, by pressing the triangle button.

[edit] Vampire Knack

Vampire Knack requires 20 Ruby Relics in order to unlock, once unlocked players can start a new game and play as this version of Knack. The nature of this form however is currently unknown and was unveiled during the Gameplay demo at E3 2013.[1]

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