Relics are the substance by which Knack can alter his physiology and appearance in the Playstation 4 title of the same name.

Relics can be found in many locations where there are destructible items. Once these items are destroyed a Relic may become available to Knack. Relics will occasionally appear once a Goblin is defeated.

[edit] Health

Relics can also be used in order to stop Knack from fainting and replenish his health bar. Health is a precious commodity in the game and by picking up Relics he can help keep his health at full capacity.

[edit] Special Moves

Another type of Relic found in the game called Sunstones are those that will fill up a separate meter from the health bar that enable Knack to use one of his special moves. These moves can be devastating and are able to clear an entire battlefield of enemies.

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